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Articles about female soldiers Canadian drive for more military women runs into old problems By paul simao.Special to the tribune december 13, 1998 Shocking new allegations of harassment and rape of female soldiers have rekindled fears that canada’s military protects sexual predators and ignores their victims.The canadian forces fell into disrepute in the 1990s with female recruits’ disturbing accounts of beatings, mock executions and an array of psychological abuses by their male colleagues.The ensuing scandals, however, were mild compared to the uproar last summer after a prominent national news magazine lobbed a bombshell at the military brass. Army to toughen fitness standards for female soldiers By from tribune news services october 24, 1997 ray ban wayfarer sunglasses The army is toughening its physical fitness standards for women slightly as part of an overall adjustment of physical qualifications for both sexes, officials said thursday.The new fitness system will not set standards for women equal to those demanded of men but will require that women be able to do a few more pushups and finish a two mile run more quickly than under the current system, adopted in 1984.Special to the tribune april 13, 1997 If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the photo recently published in a canadian newspaper speaks volumes about the brutality women face in canada’s military.On the front page of the dec.30, 1996, edition of the French language newspaper Le Journal de Montreal was a photo of a slumped, unconscious looking female soldier tied to a tree in wintry conditions.Adding to the shock of the photo was the identity of the woman:Capt.Army said wednesday.Sgt.Paul fuller of columbus, ohio, will be arraigned april 11.Military installation in germany.The army originally had announced that sergeant major of the army gene mckinney would remain in his job as top enlisted adviser to the army’s chief of staff while the charge of sexual harassment was investigated.And amira dotan, the first female brigadier general in the israeli defense forces, holds the same title in the reserves august 28, 1994 In 1971 i went to speak to ariel sharon, former defense minister of israel, but then a general in the israeli defense forces.I was 23, had just completed my compulsory military service and knew that i wanted to stay in israel’s military and continue working on behalf of my country.My record was strong, and my commanding officers had given me enthusiastic reviews, but gen.Sharon wasn’t sure he should give me such a responsible position.Army is 50 percent more likely to be raped than a civilian, newly released military records show.From 1987 to 1991, 484 female soldiers were raped while on active duty, according to department of the army records released to the orange county register after a freedom of information act request.The army rate http://www.lepetitfournil.co.uk/ of 129 rape cases per 100, 000 population in 1990 exceeds nationwide statistics for the same year compiled by the fbi of 81 confirmed rape cases per 100, 000 women.